h1. Welcome to GRUE Jade Regent! This is where I'm going to put together the starting information for the campaign. As a start, please look over the Jade Regent Player’s Guide. I will not be allowing Gunslingers, but everything else in the Core Rules, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat is available. I'm going to run this as close to Rules as Written as I can. Items that increase attributes will be available at some point, so you can plan for that. We'll be starting at first level. If you're interested in putting up with a new DM, let me know and start thinking about a character concept. If you want to send me your Hero Lab characters, and a brief background, I'll start working them into Jade Regent.


(The Wendelbago is back!) 

We’re going with Point Buy with 25 points. Max HP at 1st level. A campaign trait is required.

To answer Evan’s questions:

The Twilight Academy does not specialize in any particular school of magic. While it does considerable research, it’s focus is in the training of new wizards. Apprentices are required to live at the Academy and are effectively slaves during their 5 year apprenticeship.

The Stone of Seers in Magnimar does not train wizards. Nor does the Cypher Lodge, however individual wizards at both locations do accept apprentices under whatever agreements the master and apprentice can come to. Talk to me if you want to negotiate an agreement.

Currently, I have requests for a classic wizard and a zen archer melee ranger. What other characters are people interested in.

GRUE Jade Regent

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